So, you’ve just created a hot new online game and are sure that it’s going to catch on in popularity. While you might have the technical chops to develop such a game, transforming that game into a business that generates you a monthly revenue stream is a completely different ballgame.

Launching a business takes a lot of time, energy, and effort, but it isn’t impossible. Plus, the good news is that if you have the technical skills to create your own online game, you probably have the know-how to start monetizing that game. Here are three ways you’ll definitely want to get your game out there to start cashing in on your new creation.

Create a great website.

If you’re going to be monetizing your new online game, you’ll want to have a great website to market it. Not only will the website serve as a hub for information about your game, it can also serve as a landing page for any advertisements that you buy. You’ll also want to ensure that your website includes links to download the game, whether it’s designed for computers or mobile. Having a well-designed website is a great way to build buzz about your game, featuring reviews from real customers as well as the latest updates about new features you’re planning for future updates.

Pick the right cloud provider.

When it comes to hosting your game online, you’re going to want a cloud provider that can act as a dedicated host for your server. Online gaming can take up a lot of bandwidth, especially if you have multiple players interacting with each other at the same time. Without the right server resources, you won’t be able to reliably deliver the game to your players, which will inevitably deter customers from purchasing your game and could create negative word-of-mouth.

When it comes to picking the right dedicated server, there are many factors to weigh and evaluate. One of the biggest factors to consider is how customizable each solution is, and how their options scale with your business as it grows. Remember that games can take a while to catch on, and so it’s important to find an infrastructure that’s suited to your evolving workload and needs if you want your business to be profitable.

Market your game.

Once you’re sure that your game won’t crash once people start playing it online, it’s time to start marketing your game to the masses! Since your game’s online, it makes sense to meet your target audience where they already are by purchasing digital advertisements. One area to explore is display advertisements, which can appear on a broad array of websites and outlets, and even show up on mobile devices. Another option with an incredibly high return on investment is social media marketing. Click through rates are usually quite affordable on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and you might be surprised by how much traction you can get with a budget as small as $200 or $300 a week as you’re starting out.

As you can see, there are three major tiers to getting into the online gaming business. While starting your own business can be challenging, selling your online game is a great way to fuse your passions for gaming and coding with an actual career. Making money selling your game online gives you the opportunity to even go into business for yourself, and ultimately find fulfillment and income from another one of your passions. By picking the right cloud provider, building a website that showcases your game, and marketing it to your target audience, you’ll be well on your way to cashing in on both your passion and your great idea.