Although home businesses have always been around, as the employment market has dramatically moved away from manufacturing, people wanting to start a home business has increased significantly. More people are interested in sustainability and freedom, and opening a home business could be a way to cultivate both.

The desire to start a home business is only the first step. Next, you need to finesse something that is profitable and manageable. Here are five home business ideas you may want to consider. 

Open An Etsy Store

Etsy is one of the largest online marketplaces for handmade goods and supplies. If you have a craft or talent that you reasonably believe you can profit from, research your idea on Etsy to see what the competition would be for you. You will need to build up an inventory, set up your store, and post all your listings before launching. It is essential to keep your store updated and respond to customer questions and orders as soon as possible. Although Etsy will drive a lot of traffic, you will also need to market your store through social media, Pinterest, and other online venues. You can even promote your store offline with friends, family, and local market places.

Write An eBook

Amazon Kindle has a program that will walk you through the process of publishing your eBook. Although successful eBooks are cheap, you only have to do the writing work once. You write one eBook, and then you can sell it a thousand times or more. The goal would be to create a brand for the type of books you will be writing. Then you will need to create a writing schedule that will allow you to be regular publish new eBooks and keep your online channel fresh. Starting a blog and being active on social media will help you to promote your eBooks.

Start Dropshipping

Dropping shipping allows you to set up an online store and sell products that you never have to handle. Customers buy from your website, and the order is shipped directly from the manufacturer. You will need to find dropshipping suppliers that sell the types of products you are interested in promoting. You will then need to create a website and social media channels that you will use to market your business. For example, you may get connected with a supplement manufacturer, and then create a website that will allow you to promote the advances of your supplements to small businesses focused on the healthcare or alternative health industry. 

Run A Home Daycare

When thinking about a home business, a lot of people think about online business. However, there are still traditional home businesses that happen offline, like a home daycare. For most parents, finding reliable daycare, they can afford, and trust is challenging. If you have young children, you probably already know plenty of people you can approach with your business idea. You will need to look into local regulations for running a home daycare, as well as insurance, first aid training, and determine what kind of schedule you will keep throughout the day for the kids under your care. 

Work As A Handyman

If you have a broad span of general handyman knowledge, you can start a profitable business out of your own. Homeowners often struggle with trying to find someone to help with a small project. They don’t need a general contractor or construction company; they need someone who knows how to replace a broken ceiling fan or install a new toilet ring. Elderly customers may need even more straightforward tasks like cleaning out gutters or changing high light bulbs. It may seem like a ridiculous example, but for people who do not have the knowledge, tools, or friends to help out, there aren’t a lot of affordable options.