From storing your collections out of sight to housing your extra furniture after downsizing, there are several reasons why you may need to rent a self-storage unit. No matter what your reason for renting a unit, however, your biggest concern will probably be the monthly cost. There are numerous factors that impact the cost of a unit. If this is your first time leasing a storage unit, there are a few things to consider to get the best rate.

Factors such as storage unit size, the type of unit, and the facility’s location will all influence your monthly rate. The average price for storage units ranges from $90 to $450 per month, with a median price of around $250 per month. Your belongings and how many things you need to store will dictate how much you will have to pay for monthly storage fees. A cheaper storage unit might offer the best price, however, it may not have the amenities you need.

Choosing a storage facility will take some time and research to ensure that you are getting what you need. While Baltimore storage unit prices will vary across a wide range of options, there are some things to know about pricing. Let’s take a look at some factors that influence storage fees.

Square footage is the biggest consideration.


The price that you will pay for storage will be largely dependent on the amount of space that you need. It will be important that you pack your items efficiently in as few boxes as possible in order to maximize all of your space. Once you have packed up your items for storage, you will have a better idea of how much space you will need. Storage units are typically available in smaller 5-foot by 5-foot units all the way up to larger 10-foot by 10-foot spaces.

A smaller unit can usually store a mattress set, a few chairs, some miscellaneous items, and several boxes. Larger units can hold the furniture of a three- or four-bedroom house. Some facilities even offer space to store cars and RVs. The size of the unit that you need will impact your monthly fees.

You will pay for covenant locations.

Like most things, you will pay for convenience. Storage facilities located near major cities like Baltimore will usually come at higher rates. Storage units near more populated areas tend to have increased demands, and the prices will be higher as a result. Depending on how often you need to access the unit, you might consider leasing a space that is a little out of the way. Facilities outside of the city may offer more affordable prices.

Unit type influences rates.


Storage units are also priced based on the type of unit that you need. An indoor unit usually offers climate control to provide consistent year-round temperatures for your items. Considering that temperatures in Baltimore can dip pretty low in the winter, this is a factor that you will want to consider. Indoor units are typically more expensive but offer more protection. However, if you are storing general items that temperature swings won’t harm, you can look at outdoor units that offer lower rates. These units are easier to access as you can usually drive your truck or car right up to the door.

Like storage unit rates across the country, prices in Baltimore are largely dependent on the size and type of unit you need. If you are considering leasing a unit, you will want to do some research and compare prices to ensure that you are getting the best deal. Think about the amount of space that you need and the amenities that will be best for your personal belongings.