We’re walking down the sidewalk on 5th avenue. We’re cool, calm, and collected. We’re at one with the hustle, the bustle, and the energy of the city … What a fantasy, right?

While some people may be able to stay completely calm and stress-free living in a big city, it’s very rare. The harsh truth is that most of us experience at least some tension daily. And still, others are ignoring their stress and anxiety just to end up with stomach aches and tight muscles.

Most of us are stressed out and a lot of us are experiencing high levels of anxiety when it comes to our jobs. According to the American Institute of Stress, a whopping 83 percent of US workers report being stressed about work. That’s not even considering the fact that living in New York City means that we’re experiencing this work-related stress on top of the fast pace of the city.

The city that never sleeps isn’t always the most calming atmosphere when you need to relax. Check out these 4 ways to reduce stress and anxiety while living in New York City:

Find A Hobby That Relaxes You

Whether it’s reading, watching TV, adult coloring books, or merely listening to music; it’s important to take time to relax every day. A motivator? The Mayo Clinic reports that if we don’t get our stress in check, over time there’s a chance our stress could cause serious health conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

Tip: consider becoming one with nature by taking surfing lesson training and then we can “test the waters” with a fun new hobby.

Know There’s No Shame In Getting Help

Even though it’s becoming more and more accepted in our society, there is still this inherent sense of embarrassment and shame associated with the idea of going to therapy for some people. According to Good Therapy, everyone experiences shame from time to time, but they warn that too much shame can lead to a plethora of negative mental health issues. Shame can even deter someone from seeking help.

It’s important to get past our internalized stigmas surrounding therapy so that we can truly evaluate if we need help. Heck, it may be worth a visit just to make sure we’re really in a good place mentally. By making an appointment with a therapist from the Therapy Group of NYC we can get personalized treatment from people who know how stressful it can be living in the city.

Take Care Of Your Health

According to Mental Health America, people that are in mental health recovery have found that their emotional and spiritual health are connected to their physical health. Therefore, making sure we’re eating healthy, exercising regularly, avoiding risky behaviors, and regularly seeing our doctors for check-ups are all very important for maintaining our stress levels.

This is also a testament to why we need to make sure we have the best health insurance possible for our health care needs. Preventative care is very important to a low-stress life.

Make Time To Go Outside

A lot of us would be surprised how beneficial just being outside can be to our sense of calm. Being in nature is very relaxing for most people. Dr. Robert Puff, who wrote an article on the “fundamental key” to happiness for Psychology Today in 2016, says that when he receives a call from a struggling patient, he recommends they take a 30 to 60-minute walk outside and then to call him if they are still feeling upset. His assertion is that being in nature allows us to step outside of our mental state. He claims to have never received a second call.

It’s not always easy to make time for the outdoors, especially while living in a big city. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. If we’ve been exceedingly stressed lately, a simple remedy could be to take a nice walk in Central Park with a close friend.