By now, many people have adapted to working from home in some way, shape, or form. However, many people are still finding it hard to stay productive and focused. Zoom fatigue is real, as are the struggles of continuing to parent without the help of other caregivers, playgroups, school, and summer camp. Just because you’re making it work doesn’t necessarily that you’re getting work done.

That being said, there are a few things you can do to try and reclaim a sense of productivity. Especially as the weeks stretch into months, adopting a strategy of different approaches can be crucial to maintaining your sanity as well as getting important work accomplished. Here are several must-read tips and tricks for employees working from home amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Invest in technology that meets the new demands of your job

Just because your job can be done at home doesn’t necessarily mean that your home is equipped to help you do your job. Whether it’s because you lack a comfortable desk or a dedicated office space, it can be difficult to create a dedicated workspace in your home or apartment. Beyond that, your job may have new demands, such as more reliable internet access or the ability to be on video calls often.

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Dress like you’re headed into the office each day

One major tip to stay productive when working remotely is to treat each day as if it’s a true workday. This means sticking to a routine of waking up early before work, taking a shower, brushing your teeth, and getting dressed for the day. Although it’s certainly true that working in your pajamas and waking up five minutes before your day is supposed to start might be more comfortable, it isn’t a particularly strong way to set yourself up for success.

If part of the reason you dread changing out of your pajamas to work is that you don’t like the clothing you have, feel free to buy some new pieces in order to spruce things up. Many retailers are offering great deals on women’s blouses and other stylish professional garments to make you feel more ready to face the day. Especially if you’ve got an important video meeting coming up, knowing that you have something to wear that feels a bit more professional could be what you need to stay motivated and on top of things in the week leading up to it.

Use the Pomodoro method to your advantage

Perhaps one of the most crucial tips for helping you stay productive is to find a methodology that works for you. When you were heading into the office each day, you likely had far fewer distractions than you have at home. Whether it’s the dirty dishes in your sink or a child wanting a snack, there are plenty of things that can hurt your focus when working remotely. That being said, a framework of working like the Pomodoro method, which forces you to focus on single tasks at a time, could work wonders for you. All it needs is a timer and a piece of paper to work, offering you the structure necessary to make the most of each workday, complete with breaks.