Marketing campaigns can either make or break a new business. The best marketing campaigns promote both the brand and the business industry. Below are some inspiring marketing ideas for new business owners that are budget-friendly and effective. 


Reddit is a powerful marketing tool to reach a niche customer base. Users of the site are tech-savvy and respond to unique content. Find a niche in Reddit’s subcategories, called subreddits, and cater to the audience with intelligent and creative content. 

Stumble Upon Advertising 

Stumble Upon’s Paid Search Discovery is a useful tool for businesses with a budget for paid advertising. Paid Discovery directs users straight to a website ready to engage with humorous content, photography, and visual assets. The service starts at a base price of 10 cents per click then an additional 2 cents for age, gender, and device targeting. To get the most bang for the buck with Stumble Upon, spring for targeting options. 

Marketing budgets can be costly and challenging to stick to. Get creative in finding ways to fund a marketing campaign. Finding unclaimed money from the IRS, inheritance, or uncollected insurance policies is easy with GoLookUp. Their online database allows users to search for unclaimed funds that are rightfully owned and outlines the steps to take to claim funds. 

DIY Infographics 

Infographics are powerful marketing tools that engage audiences. They are easy to understand and customers like to share them, which drives referral traffic. Designers can create stunning infographics for a fee, but it is possible to create affordable infographics with some patience. DIY Infographics has inspiration for beginner and advanced examples, and Adobe Illustrator has free vector kits with all the basics needed to create a catchy infographic. 

Repurpose Existing Content 

Stretch a tight marketing budget by giving existing data or content a makeover. Data studies and stats are a dime a dozen online. Find an existing study that relates to the business or industry and polish it. Focus on the most important or interesting parts of the study and enhance it with images, charts, new information, and personal thoughts and predictions. 

Old content can also be re-worked into new creations. For example, webinars can become video tutorials and blog posts can be collected into an ebook. Not all customers have been with the business since the beginning, so old content won’t be seen by everyone. Mash-up old content and find a way to give it a new spin that will be enjoyed by all audiences. 

Give customers a new perspective on a business’s brand by sharing user-created content. Customers trust peer content more than brand-generated content. Sharing user-generated content reinforces a positive brand image. 

Giveaway Opportunities 

People love winning prizes in online contests and giveaways. Run a fun, low-cost contest to engage audiences. The more people who participate in the chances to convert engagement into sales. Focus on how to get people to participate. For example, people can enter the contest by ‘liking’ on Facebook, following on Instagram, or get existing customers to refer friends. Give away a practical prize that won’t break the marketing budget. For help setting up a contest giveaway that can be embedded within the business website using Rafflecopter. 

Banging Business Cards 

Even in the digital age, business cards are still a fantastic marketing tool. People may be quick to pocket a business card without reading it, but later on, they will stumble upon it and remember their interaction with the business. Design catchy business cards that are memorable and convey the brand. Mines Press is a business printing company that caters to small businesses. Their in-house team can meet any printing needs and deliver high-quality, affordable products with quick turn-around.