Seeking out growth-forward investments isn’t always easy for the retail investor on the move. In order to dial in great assets for the long term, high-quality research mixed with gut instinct is crucial. Yet there are a number of investment options that show long trending growth and offer a no-brainer approach to investing that can make for great stability in any portfolio.

Seeking out investments that don’t lose value over the long run might sound like an obvious choice, but selecting great growth assets is all about market research and asset positioning for future primacy in the marketplace itself.

For instance, companies in the electricity production game will want to hedge their future use of non-renewables as a result of the continuing drive toward clean power production. In Europe, a push to eliminate coal as a fuel for industrial production altogether is gaining steam, and in the United States, a similar changeover to wind and solar solutions is taking hold. Power companies that are poised for this eventual change will outlast those who aren’t. Even mega-corporations with virtually unlimited reach in the short term are vulnerable to these sea changes in the marketplace.

Investing with a strong focus on the future is the only way forward, but to do this, you must fall back on excellent research at each step of the way. Without high regard for reading and information, making smart decisions over the long term becomes an impossibility. Continue reading for more information on growth assets with bite.



Gold bullion has long been seen as the ultimate in long-term strength and stability. After the reshuffling that occurred in the global banking system in the 1970s, ounces of gold became the standard vaulting asset that the ultra-rich relied on for stability through the hard times.

Yet, gold can also be invested in with greater mobility than the traditional physical ounce. Buying stock in a gold mining company, like Alamos Gold Inc. (NYSE: AGI; TSX: AGI), is a great way to diversify your existing stock market holdings while also tacking on an asset that will continue growing with the evolving price point of the ounce of gold.

In addition to its high-quality dividend payouts and consistent price target matching, Alamos is an environmentally friendly gold producer, meeting up with the trending social needs that will propel some companies to increased value over the coming years. The Alamos Gold, Turkey projects—in particular, the mining operation in Kirazli, Republic of Turkey—are poised to deliver both eliminations of harsh chemical use, like cyanide, and some of the lowest extraction costs per ounce on the market.

Luxury Watches and Other Items


Luxury watches, like a Rolex or Omega chronograph, offer another investment that many traders hedge their stock holdings with. Searching for the comparison of assets like the Rolex Daytona vs Submariner chronograph is a must for anyone thinking of getting into the Rolex or luxury watch space more generally. A Rolex watch will appreciate in value over time if you take great care of it, but the market can be a bit more opaque than the stock market or bullion trading arena. This means that when approaching a buying opportunity to bring in a new Submariner, Daytona, or other Rolex or timepiece, it pays to do a significant amount of research on the industry and particular watch itself.

Investing in growth assets doesn’t have to be impossible; simply incorporating excellent research habits into your standard trading routine can help you find the perfect opportunities for your portfolio on a consistent basis. Whether you’re angling to include stock picks like Alamos or a new Rolex to the vault, investing in long-trending assets is always a winner.