When you put your life or a loved one’s life in the hands of a medical professional, you want to know that you’re receiving the best possible care. Unfortunately, medical malpractice does occur and it’s crucial that you understand the details of it. Here are a few common myths and the actual truth about medical malpractice. 

Myth: Medical malpractice isn’t a big problem.

Fact: Medical errors are the third-leading cause of death. 

More than 250,000 Americans die every year from medical errors. This could be due to unskilled or untrained medical employees or overworked doctors who experience a lack of judgment. Sometimes, the errors are in the diagnosis and preventable diseases go untreated. Medical malpractice is very avoidable and sadly, people are dying from preventable errors. One of the top three causes of death shouldn’t be something that is entirely preventable, especially when you can use Easy Medicare to compare Medicare insurance quotes to gain healthcare and receive coverage for medications and treatment. 

Myth: No one files a medical malpractice suit. 

Fact: There are thousands of suits filed every year in the United States. 

Annually, there are about 15,000 to 19,000 medical malpractice suits filed. In fact, a majority of doctors will face a lawsuit at some point in their tenure and they’re prepared for this. You can file a malpractice lawsuit if your malpractice attorneys in New Mexico can prove that you were caused by physical or emotional pain due to an error made by your doctor. Your lawyers have to show that the error was definitely made by your physician and that another doctor would not have made the same mistake. Malpractice can occur at any point during your care, and your lawyer will create a strong case for you and attempt to win your case. 

Myth: Medical malpractice suits are not expensive. 

Fact: Medical malpractice suits can cost you a lot.

If you believe you’ve experienced medical malpractice but you aren’t suffering enormously, you might want to skip the lawsuit. A malpractice suit can cost you quite a lot and your chances of winning are slim. Your lawyer will have to provide an expert witness who can testify to the malpractice, and this witness alone can cost $1000 an hour. If you win your suit, your lawyer will claim a portion of your settlement. The process can also take quite a long time, so it could be several months before you receive compensation from your claim.

Myth: It’s not difficult to win a medical malpractice case.

Fact: A majority of plaintiffs do not win their medical malpractice lawsuits. 

Medical malpractice is extremely complicated, and it’s the plaintiff’s job to provide evidence that harm was done. This can make it a challenge for plaintiffs to win their cases. To give yourself the best chance, make sure you have an experienced lawyer who knows how to analyze the medical evidence you’ll need in court. He or she will build the strongest case for you and should also know how to negotiate a settlement with your insurance company if it comes to that. Medical malpractice is very specialized, so you need the right lawyer who can create a solid case.

If you’ve had a misdiagnosis or received the wrong medication, you might be entitled to a settlement. Make sure you find an excellent medical malpractice lawyer who can help you build a strong case. No one should have to live with the consequences of a medical error, and while you might not ever regain what you lost, monetary compensation can help you lead an easier life. Know the facts about medical malpractice and find a lawyer today.