If you’re mechanically inclined and want to sell vehicles in your spare time, online websites, applications, and auctions can add a few bucks to your bank account for a rainy day or for some extra Christmas money. The fastest way to sell your vehicle and reach a wide audience is with online auctions and online marketplaces. If you’ve already got a car you’d like to get rid of, check out the following six steps for selling your car online.

1. Perform Repairs

If the car that you’re selling has simple repairs, fixing the small things will lessen the list of issues you’ll have to disclose to potential buyers. Go online and search for part auctions and depots to find the best possible prices. Buying parts even if you’re not mechanically inclined can save you money. Bring your purchased parts to a mechanic and you will only be charged the cost of labor.

2. Detail and Photograph

Once you’ve repaired the vehicle, it is time to detail the interior. Detailing includes cleaning, washing, and waxing. Professional detailers can charge hundreds of dollars for a full interior clean. Although it can get expensive, professionals have the equipment and experience to get your used car to the “like new” condition of the car. Who doesn’t love that new car smell? Once detailed, the next step is to photograph the vehicle. If the vehicle contains any dents, imperfections, or scratches, take pictures as evidence.

3. Advertise

Advertising is important if you want to sell your car faster. Ideally, you should advertise on more than one website or application. If you’re looking to auction your vehicle online, be sure to be reasonable and truthful when you’re pricing and advertising. Let’s say you’re auctioning cars for sale in Ghana. Before you jump the gun, go online and check the prices for vehicles in Ghana in a similar condition and price your vehicle accordingly.

4. Provide Exact Details

Whether or not you’ve fixed all of the issues with the vehicle being truthful is important. Let your buyers know any issue the car has, the location and size of dents or scratches, milage and any other information that you think is necessary for a smooth sale. If you’re selling online and plan to sell multiple vehicles, buyers will rely on your personal reviews online even if you’re selling a cheap car.

5. Provide Additional Photos

If buyers are looking for additional photos, be ready to provide them. The sooner you provide the information to a buyer online, the faster they can make a decision on whether or not they want to purchase the vehicle. Remember when a buyer is purchasing a vehicle online, they could be comparing various vehicles and be ready to buy on a whim. Don’t miss a potential sale because you didn’t have your photos ready to share.

6. Complete the Transaction

Most of the time buyers are looking for a fast way to purchase a vehicle, especially if they’re getting a good deal. There are various ways to complete a transaction online. Applications like Zelle, the Cash App, and Venmo are available that allow people to send money from bank account to bank account using phone numbers and email addresses. If you’re planning on selling your vehicle to someone in a different country, online auction payments are typically made through the auction website.

Selling on online applications and websites could take some time, especially if buyers aren’t in the market for the vehicle you’re selling. If you’re trying to get into the business of buying and selling cars to make a living or to profit quickly, online auctions could be your best bet to make profitable transactions in a short amount of time.