The Amino Acid Therapy for Drug Addiction


Before we look further into the role of amino acids in the treatment of drug or substance addiction, it is essential that we know what amino acids and addiction are.

What Is Addiction?

Addiction is that compelling urge to take substances simply because there is a brain imbalance or disorder that is making it very difficult to fight this particular urge. As is common knowledge, the brain controls every process in the human body. It implies that any small change introduced to our body system will affect the normal functioning of the body generally.

Effects of Addition

Addiction is a factor that is capable of directly controlling the human body other than what the brain is accustomed to. It causes brain imbalance and other disorders such as stress, anxiety, and depression. This alteration of the brain and body mood generally can be very fatal. You must have heard of people committing suicides, and when an inquest is made, it turns out that the cause is indulgence in drugs.

Such disorders and brain imbalance can be treated using amino acids therapy or using the traditional methods, which include counseling and psychotherapy. In a twist of events, addicts backslide to their drug abuse habit even after uncountable months of counseling. And you know how these traditional methods of therapy are costly and how it can be draining fighting a losing battle regularly that is, you pay for such therapy, and in weeks, you are at it again.

Amino Acids Therapy

The amino acids role in drug addiction treatment is really amazing. It has been a great miracle to many substance addicts. Amino acids are made from the diets we take. The human body is about twenty percent protein. They contain amine and carboxyl groups and are generally carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen. It has been proven that there are about twenty amino acids present in the genetic composition of the human body and note that all of them are very distinct from each other.

How Does This Therapy Work?

Here is an explanation, amino acids make and increase the number of neurotransmitters in the body. Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers, which enable the brain neurons to communicate effectively through a process referred to as neurotransmission. Take note that all brain instabilities are dealt with by those neurotransmitters. Therefore, addiction, just like other brain imbalances, is controlled by an increase in neurotransmitters.

After an extended period of drug addiction, a neurochemical imbalance occurs and what follows is the brain becoming unable to maintain the required optimal neurotransmitter levels, which in turn, causes mood imbalance. Such imbalance results to stress, unnecessary anxiety, and depression. It is just the same as the manner in which mood disorders control the human brain, making both of them similar.

This form of therapy is unique as it attacks from the source, unlike the traditional ones. What it does is summarized as; creating more neurotransmitters in a time when there are only a few due to addiction. These neurotransmitters prevent addiction just in the same way it fights against other mood disorders.

Benefits of CBD Oil


Most of the problems and issues we have in life come along with solutions. Sometimes we just get so caught up in all the fracas that we even forget to check the nearby sources. This shouldn’t be the case. Instead, it should be an obvious intention to try and find these solutions however deeply buried they may be.

Most of the problems have to do with our health and general wellbeing. For instance, anxiety and the likes have been an age-old problem to which the response can be a bit surprising. How about a modern day solution?

The CBD oil

Though not too many of us are aware of this major turning point, it’s time to dig deeper. cbd oil has been in existence for long, but it only got discovered not too long ago.

Known as Cannabidiol, cbd oil has managed to get into the good books of our health since its discovery. With all its benefits, no one would dare turn it down for one reason or another.

Just by the mere hearing of it, you might get tempted to doubt it because the deal sounds too good.

Acts as a pain reliever

helps with painAs much as this sounds good, its application must be highly monitored at all costs. It is not to be used recklessly, and every dosage must be properly accounted for.

No one loves the feeling of pain in their bodies. For this reason, this benefit has got to be the top of the list. Most of us would rather experience this benefit rather than any other.

Offers relief from anxiety

Unbeknownst to most of us, anxiety can lead to many other health problems we might be unaware of. When anxiety is relieved in some way, we put a stop to other issues that might be deeply rooted.
Thanks to CBD oil, there is nothing to worry about anymore. When taken responsibly, positive effects are sure to become visible soonest possible.

Reduces the feeling of nausea

Nausea is brought about by a myriad of possibilities including various health conditions. One of the leading causes of nausea has to be pregnancy. Curative and preventive measures are being discovered on a daily basis to put an end to this misery.
The feeling of nausea brings about dizzy spells that are capable of hindering your daily activities.

At the same time, an overdose is not meant to bring any relief. It will make things worse. It helps to adhere to the said dosages at all times.

Improvement of sleeping patterns

Sleep is important to the human body and mind. It is imperative that after a long hard day, you get some soothing uninterrupted sleep. Never mind the list of activities that await you when you are awake and well rested.

Some people find it hard to sleep even when they are tired. cbd oils have been tested and proven to provide the deep sleep to get all systems going when you are awake.

good night sleep

Physician’s take

The bottom line is that you should have your physician’s take on cbd oil. Follow dosage instructions to the letter.