Starting a business isn’t the goal. The goal is to birth and scales a profitable business with strong internal functions that sustain longevity. So, if you’re a baker and you are considering this entrepreneurial pursuit of happiness, here are the dos and don’ts of opening your own bakery, with your goal in mind.

Decide what type of bakery you’ll open.

In Germany, Bakeries, known as Bäckerei, offer more than 1,000 types of bread. That doesn’t include pasties and other delectable baked goods. That being said, you have more than a few options in how you go about starting your own bakery. Here are a few.

You don’t need a storefront.

Food trucks are more popular than ever. We love them for the quirky people that run them and the aura of authenticity when we find a good one. Bakery Food Trucks generally offer sandwiches, small pastries, snacks, drinks, and other treats.

Wedding Cake Bakery

Wedding cake bakeries are boutique-style shops that specialize in weddings and other special occasions. This niche in baking is highly competitive so be prepared to market your business and have the best service and product in your market. Working with couples on their wedding cake is an intimate process and that’s why owning a wedding cake bakery is a lot more than baking, but still very rewarding.

Traditional Bread Bakery

Freshly baked bread. Always high on the world’s greatest smells list, and one of the main reasons people love their neighborhood bakery. As it turns out, taste also factors in pretty highly as well. Focus on your recipes, and be personable. The bakery is usually someone’s first stop in the morning, and if they can count on you for a great bagel and a smile, they’ll come back.

Don’t skip your business plan!

There are actually two things to talk about here. There’s the process behind the business plan and of course the hard copy business plan itself. The process is where you learn the interior workings of your business and how you’ll run it. In your case, a bakery. This is also the prime time to troubleshoot for mishaps and strategize for opportunities before and after launch.

Equally important, the hard copy of your business plan communicates the objectives of your business and your expectations for management. The importance of your business plan cannot be understated in the birthing of your Bakery. Take your time and be thorough here and you will see the benefits of your planning before the ovens get warm.

Don’t underestimate the start-up costs.

The numbers say that on average it cost between $10,000 and $50,000 to start your own bakery. The range in averages is accounted for in the various types of bakeries you can run. If you’re starting your bakery out of your home, then you’re obviously going to have a lower start-up and operation cost than a brick and mortar donut shop or even a bakery food truck. Ensure your bakery’s financial health by planning ahead and having a contingency plan in place in case of an emergency.

Remember the goal.

In starting your own bakery, remember that the goal is longevity. You play the long game by being dependable and delivering a stand-out product. Do your research and go into the business prepared with standards for operation and clear directives to achieve your goals. Financial health is the greatest indicator of success or failure among start-ups, and that includes bakeries. While this isn’t an exhaustive list of the things you’ll need to do to get your bakery up and running; these are four hallmark essentials to that process. Do yourself a favor and be very results-oriented in your execution of these steps in your plan. In doing so, you wisely prepare your bakery, the world’s greatest Bakery Food Truck, for a successful future.