We’re all connected in one way or another. For this reason, building a socially conscious organization is important. Every day, technology brings us closer together. From those who work in remote jobs on one continent to those just now gaining access to the World Wide Web on another, everything is becoming easier to access. What impacts one person in North America can systemically impact another in Africa and vice versa. If you’re a business leader curious about why building socially conscious organizations matters or even where to start, read on.

The Bigger Picture


The internet puts us in reach of people all over the world through the global market. This means not only more opportunity but more competition too. To keep up with the growing needs and demands of the world economy, business leaders are finding new ways to reach out to potential customers and employees. This outreach includes gaining new customers and helping them in one way or another.

Manick Bhan, CTO of LinkGraph, is a perfect example of a business leader who believes in philanthropic causes and creating a socially conscious organization. Working through his SEO agency as an SEO strategist to provide search engine content for socially conscious branding, he’s made giving back a top priority. Regular monthly donations to environmental, animal and other socially conscious causes are part of LinkGraph’s overall mission statement and general philosophy. The same can be applied to businesses in any industry or niche.

Giving Back


In building a socially conscious organization, part of your mission could be about giving back. The relationship between a business and the community they work in can be reciprocal. When it is, both the wider culture and business itself can benefit. Any truly great business idea either starts or ends with ways to show appreciation to customers. The great news is that there are many ways to do this.

Maybe you run a small business that specializes in printing products. Even if you don’t have the cash flow to make regular monthly charitable donations like LinkGraph, you still have resources. Reach out to charities you care about and offer your services to make those pledge drives happen. Consider things like promotions on your landing pages or gifts in kind sponsorships as other options as well.

Making a Difference


It’s important to build a socially conscious organization if making a difference in the world matters to you. For many people, a reason to have children is to build a legacy. For others, legacy is about the mark they leave on the world through philanthropy or advocacy.

Business leaders are in the unique position to cause systemic and long term change to the world around them because of their positions of power and platforms. If this sort of legacy matters to you and you’re in that position of advantage, now is your opportunity to help people while leaving a socially conscious footprint.

Quality Culture


Research shows that a diverse workforce can lead to happier customers. This is because people of diverse backgrounds can offer something unique to any organization. When you make hiring diversely an important part of the company, you open yourself up to a wider variety of ideas and world views.

By encouraging employees to share their unique social lenses, it adds up to greater connections for people from all life experiences. What may not be a priority to one demographic could be critical to another, and so on. The more views you have, the more likely you’ll be able to provide not only a quality work culture but a better product too.

In the end, there’s no overstating the importance of building a socially conscious organization. Because the world is connected and the global market has become easier to access, being inclusive is the best path for the future. On top of the immediate perks of learning from people of diverse backgrounds and making a change in the world, this organizational structure can also mean future success and better overall branding.