Most people won’t argue when you say that communicating with your customers is the most challenging aspect of running a successful business. Of course, landing a new customer or client is a great feeling–you’ve proven to yet another person that you can provide them with the service and quality they’ve been looking for, how wouldn’t that feel amazing?!

Another thing most experienced business owners will admit to is how much harder it is to keep your existing customers happy. You’ve already shown them that you can give them exactly what they’re looking for, but how do you maintain and, hopefully, surpass that level of satisfaction? 

It’s almost as if we’ve returned to the pre-caller ID days, where people will not answer the phone if they aren’t expecting a call, or don’t recognize the number. No one likes dodging robocalls, and people don’t like sitting through a droning voicemail to find out that it held no new or pertinent information. So, instead of forcing your clients to rely on a reverse phone numbers search, as useful as they are, don’t privatize your number. Let them know exactly who is calling before they ever hit that little green icon.

In the same vein, another tactic that allows your customers to maintain control over the conversation is to use a voice drop. A voice drop will leave the message directly in their voicemail box, making it, so they don’t have to pause their music to politely let your call go to voicemail. This tool will allow your customers to go about their daily lives without the unwanted interruption of a sales pitch. Using a ringless voice drop will save your clients from scrambling for a pen and scrap paper to scribble out some shorthand, with this, they will be able to listen and relisten to the information as they need to, whenever they need to. 

If calling and leaving a voicemail isn’t your style, create an email list. Upon sealing the deal, invite your new clients to join your email list, whether it be weekly or monthly, many consumers would prefer this to an old fashioned phone call. Similar to the voice drops, your customers will have all the information they will need about the new promotions set to roll out. Maybe even more convenient, because this way, there will be no mistaking what is said. Even in the most professional, clearly recorded voice messages, there is room for error and misheard instructions. This way, all the critical details will be laid out in black and white.   

This final tip is a little different than the ones above; this one focuses a bit more on the relationship you’ve built with your customer rather than your potential methods of communication. A clear and open line of communication is invaluable to the reputation of your business, but it also helps to have a familiar relationship with your clients. It may seem cliche, but try to remember the little things. The things they tell you are important to them, so if possible, try to follow up the next time you see them. Everyone likes to be remembered, so even if it’s something as simple as a birthday or holiday card, make sure your clients know how appreciated and valued they truly are. Your customers will be more willing to come to you with questions and concerns if you are friendly and available.

Hopefully, these few tips have inspired you to touch base with your existing customers. Feel free to add your own spin and make these work in your favor even more.