There are several digital tools designed to help construction companies efficiently manage their business, improve workflow, and increase profits. With software solutions such as billing, project management, and equipment tracking software, there’s a tool for almost everything. Take a look at some of the best digital tools that contractors should use to run their construction companies.

Custom Website Design


Building a strong online presence is one of the best ways to attract potential customers. Your construction website is the first impression people have of your business. Working with a professional website builder is the best way to create an SEO optimized new website that will increase web traffic and convert website visitors into actual leads.

Contractor Gorilla specializes in custom construction website design that generates new business for contractors. They can build you a custom construction company website featuring details about your construction services, a portfolio for potential clients, testimonials, and important information on your home page, such as a contact form. Your contractor website will also feature optimum responsiveness on mobile devices, tablets, and desktops. Your construction company’s website is the face of your business, so make sure you put on a professional face.

Project Management Software


Project management software is designed to help you delegate tasks and manage the progress of projects. It’s a great tool for planning and tracking timelines, taking notes about task assignments, and maintaining an accurate list of subcontractors. Project management software works as both a calendar and a to-do list that helps you schedule, delegate, track, and follow-up on projects. Project management and asset management go hand-in-hand. Tools like Basecamp help you keep projects organized and create task lists to keep projects on track.

Equipment Tracking Software


You never want to have a piece of equipment breakdown on a job site because it’s behind on upkeep. The downtime resulting from broken equipment is not only costly, but it delays the project timeline. The best way to manage your construction company’s assets is with an asset management solution. CHEQROOM offers a revolutionary equipment tracking software solution that tracks all your assets in a centralized dashboard. You can keep an updated record of receipts, work orders, and warranties in one place.

The inventory management software comes with a mobile app featuring a built-in QR code scanner, so you can scan barcodes rather than track each serial number manually. CHEQROOM’s asset management solution allows you to schedule regular maintenance and upkeep and sends notifications to facilities managers and maintenance professionals. With real-time alerts, analytics, workplace visibility, and more, asset management is a smart way to increase efficiency while working toward business goals.

Financial Software


Not all small businesses can afford a full-time accountant to manage the finances. Several financial software tools help contractors track expenses, income, invoices, and project costs. One of the most popular accounting tools for small businesses is QuickBooks, thanks to its ease of use functions. Other financial tools, like Harvest, help you track and report employee hours for each project, while Toggl and MyHours give you insights into the hourly rate you pay for the time spent on projects.

Communication Software


Communication software is essential for maintaining client and employee interactions. Emails are an effective way to interact with clients during business hours, while texts are effective for communications with subcontractors. There are client communication software solutions that provide a better user experience. Such solutions give real-time visibility of documents, change orders, material, and color selections. You can also share progress photos of the job site with out-of-town clients.

Digital tools are designed to reduce the amount of time spent tackling business tasks so that you can run a more efficient construction company. Custom website design, project management, inventory management, financial, and communication software are just some of the tools that make running a small business easier.