While it’s most common to think of a home building company or another type of construction company when you think of contractor businesses, the term also encompasses all businesses that provide services on a contract basis. Examples include outsourced marketing, accounting, and human resources service providers, as well as electricians, plumbers, and builders.

Running a contractor business can be rewarding and challenging. One out of every five new small businesses shut down within a year of opening. Contractor businesses can operate effectively and increase their chances of long-term success by utilizing the services discussed here.

Web Developers

Most consumers research companies online before deciding who to hire. Your company’s website provides critical information that can establish your company’s credibility with potential clients. Whether you’re running a construction company in New York or an accounting company in Texas, a professional web design can help you, secure clients.

It’s crucial to hire professional website designers familiar with your industry to ensure your website includes all the relevant information clients need. Google “contractor website design” to find web developers who have experience and can produce a website design that makes it easy for website visitors to locate information about your services, staff, and rates. They’ll also understand the importance of making contact information, including your company’s phone number and address, easy to access.

You should also hire web developers who are search engine optimization (SEO) marketing experts. These web developers will use SEO strategies to ensure your site receives high domain authority (DA) scores from search engines. Search engines list sites with high DA scores first when people use relevant keywords in a web search. Your web development team can raise your company’s online profile and drive traffic to your site. They achieve this by including appropriate keywords on your website, adding inbound links and outbound links, and promoting customer engagement on your site. If your contractor website has a low DA score, it may be time to invest in a new website or have your old site redesigned.

Financial Advisors


Businesses are more likely to survive if they have robust operating budgets and take steps to ensure their financial security. Cost estimators can help you identify ways to reduce your operating costs and stay on budget. Financial advisors can also help you identify investment options that will improve the financial health of your company.

Insurance Companies

Businesses need multiple forms of insurance, including property insurance, liability insurance, and life insurance. Business owners may opt to take out a life insurance policy on primary staff members and make their company the beneficiary. This is one way to protect your company from unexpected financial hardships due to a critical employee’s death because you can use the death benefits to pay to train new staff or compensate for losses due to project delays. An insurance expert will help you determine whether you should invest in permanent life insurance or term life insurance. You may also opt to pay for a life insurance policy for each employee that pays a death benefit to their spouse or another beneficiary of their choice.

You may also need automobile insurance if you have a fleet of vehicles used by employees. Workers’ compensation insurance pays employees who are injured on the job. Discuss all your insurance needs with your insurance company to ensure you acquire all the coverage you need.

Human Resources (HR) Contractors


You can save money by contracting human resources services instead of hiring a full-time human resources professional. You’ll have access to qualified HR experts when you need them for a fraction of the cost. Your HR contractors can promote job openings and review applications to help you find qualified, suitable employees for your company to ensure your staff needs are met.

Businesses benefit from using critical services to reduce expenses, promote their services, and protect their companies. Web developers, financial advisors, insurance companies, and HR contractors all provide vital services your company needs.