Spas are a go-to location for people looking for a peaceful and serene environment to relax healthily. Whether it’s body treatment, facial, or deep tissue massage, the broad theme of spa services is to enhance beauty and promote wellness.

The wellness industry has significantly evolved in recent years. Many spas have gone from offering standard spa services to exotic treatment services. Besides, keeping up with industry trends and competitive markets can be challenging. So you know, all spas are not equal; a few stand out from the rest. One that more, read on to learn how to make your’s stand out.

Offer exotic spa services.


One thing that’ll set your spa resort apart from your competition is the quality of services you provide. Speaking of which, you must outfit your space with state-of-the-art amenities and well-equipped treatment rooms. Regardless of the spa treatment, your services must be capable of meeting the expectations of your customers.

Amongst others, your services should include massages, facials, back rubs, and skin treatments. Ensure you have a massage therapist onsite to offer relief to customers wallowing in pain, experiencing stress, or recovering from injuries. Just so you know, massage therapies like hot stone massage and prenatal massage help improve blood circulation and restore emotional balance.

Furthermore, make sure you have a massage therapist onsite to offer relief to customers who are in pain, experiencing stress, or recovering from injuries.

Use quality water.

For most people, a spa presents an excellent opportunity to use a sauna or steam room. For one, steam baths and saunas have therapeutic benefits. In addition to easing muscle tension, they promote feelings of relaxation and wellness. If your spa has a sauna or steam room, you need to be mindful of the water you use in generating the steam in the steam room. Also, experts recommend the use of distilled water or reverse osmosis systems to mitigate the adverse effects of mineral content.

Distilled drinking water should also be offered to guests when waiting for their service. Remember, it’s always best for guests to be properly hydrated before undertaking a massage or any other treatment that might cause excess water loss. Certainly, finding a trusted distilled water delivery company can be daunting. It’s always best to opt for one with a solid reputation in the industry. Take, for example, Primo a trusted distilled water brand in the United States. They provide clean water solutions in refillable, returnable bottles.

Update the decor.

The decor of your space decor significantly impacts the spa experience of your client. In most cases, it plays a critical role in client retention. Asides from the services you offer, people will rate your business based on how you decorate your space.

With that in mind, the interior decor must highlight what your brand represents. It would be best if you add a bit of creativity to the design. More so, the decor should reflect the type of clientele you’re hoping to attract. For example, if you’re looking to attract young people, the decor can be more experimental, like using stress-reducing color schemes and muted glow lighting.

Retarget customers.


As a business owner, try to leverage social media and online marketing to attract customers. Thanks to technology, you can promote your brand on Facebook and Google through Facebook Ads and Google AdWords. Running ads that will be visible to anyone may not generate the type of leads you want.

That said, you should consider retargeting your ads on social media and the internet. This promotes your business to people who have patronized your business in the past. Also, retargeting ads will offer more visibility for persons looking for outfits that provide spa services.

Incentivize your clients.

Offer first-time visitors on your site incentives to spur them to commit to you. Incentivize them with discounts and special offers. For instance, offer anyone who visits your website for the first time 10% in exchange for making a down payment immediately. Besides, people tend to commit faster if what they want is on offer.

Offering your prospective clients discounts will get them in the door, and hopefully, your exotic spa services will keep them coming back. Some spas offer a free service for signing up for a big package. When looking to offer an incentive, make sure it’s cost-effective for you and enticing for your customers.