So, you finally took the plunge and opened your own salon. As a way to celebrate your accomplishments as well as a way to stimulate more business for your new salon, you should consider throwing a grand opening party for your salon. Having a grand opening party is not only a great way to unwind and celebrate your achievements, but is also useful for introducing yourself to a new community, new customers, and to promote services. You may even consider including a discount as part of your grand opening party. 

If you want to throw a grand opening party that will ensure your business grows and that everyone has an unforgettable time, here are some surefire tips.

Bring Out The Crowd By Advertising Around Town

One way to make sure that local consumers come out to your grand opening party at your salon is by posting physical flyers and posters all over town. This may seem old fashioned, but you would be surprised how many people actually look at the bulletin board in community centers, gyms, and coffee shops. Having a presence at other small local businesses will help your small business gain popularity.

Entice People To Come With Local Food And Drink

A great idea to make sure people come to anything is by promising food and drink. You can up the ante at your opening party by working with local food and drink vendors to not only get a potential discount on your order but also to create an extra draw for locals to come to your party. For instance, someone who lives in New Jersey may be more enticed to come to your salon’s opening if you work with a local liquor store in South Iselin, NJ, than they would if you worked with a big chain liquor company.

Introduce A Hashtag To Promote Buzz

If you want people to talk about your new salon, social media is where it’s going to happen. Consider brainstorming a hashtag for your grand opening party and for your salon so that folks who cannot come out to the party will still be able to see all the festivities. Additionally, party-goers can use the hashtag to have a conversation about your salon on their own social media channels. Word of mouth marketing is very valuable, especially when it comes to salons because people want to visit salons suggested by people they trust. 

Roll Out A New Product Or Service

To get people excited to come back to your salon after the grand opening party is over, you may want to consider offering a new product or service that may not have been in your personal arsenal before or that might not be offered in the nearby area. Consider something high-tech and sought-after like laser hair removal. While it may sound like an expensive idea, you can save on upfront costs by buying a laser secondhand at The Laser Warehouse. If you buy the necessary equipment from The Laser Warehouse, you won’t be skimping on quality but you will be able to stay within your tight budget as a small-business owner.

Offer A Discount Or Promo Code

One more way to get people excited to come back to your salon is by handing out coupons or promotional codes for a percentage off a future service or product at your salon. That way, you’ll be able to get them through the door to experience your skills first hand at a lower price, rather than blindly trusting you at the full price. Offering the discount shows that you value their business and are eager to get to know them as clients.