Safe Work Australia is a government body within Australia that has been tasked with developing national policies for the health and safety of workers throughout the country. The organization is funded through the Commonwealth, state, and territory governments, and works under the umbrella of the Ministers of Work Health and Safety.

One of the many tasks of Safe Work Australia is to collect and analyze information to determine the level of risk associated with different jobs. This information is utilized in many different ways, including laying the foundation for safety policies and assess the level of risk to be considered when offering life insurance.

According to Safe Work Australia, some of the most dangerous jobs in Australia are commercial fishermen, firefighters, construction workers, and miners.

Commercial fishermen work offshore in all weather conditions. The job is physically demanding and can be highly stressful. They face dangerous weather and work conditions. Being exposed to the elements, they are prone to illness or injury from being swept around during a storm. They are also faced with a variety of obstacles off the coasts of Australia that can cause boating accidents if not properly navigated.

Fighting fires is a dangerous profession, regardless of where you live. However, in addition to the typical dangers, Australian firefighters also face brush fires, dangerous wilderness, and wild animals. Looking at the statistics, the leading cause of death for firefighters is asphyxiation, accidents, physical trauma, and heart attack. The 2019 and 2020 bush fires throughout Australia have emphasized the dangerous nature of the job as many firefighters are working themselves to exhaustion, trying to help others and get control of the flames.

Construction is also a dangerous business. According to Safe Work Australia, there are over 20 deaths each year as a result of construction site accidents. Looking at workman compensation claims, it is the industry with the most claims demonstrating the high number of injuries suffered while working construction. The high number of injuries is attributed to the rough working conditions, working with power tools and heavy machinery, as well as working at dangerous heights.

Mining is one of the most dangerous professions due to the severity of accidents when they happen, as well as the overall exposure to elements and increased risk of diseases. Workers have died as a result of accidents within mines, but significantly more have died due to being surrounded by toxic chemicals for hours every day. There is also an increased risk of accident injuries due to the heavy machinery used in mining.

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